How it Works

Connecting People to Community, Bridging Divides.

TECI2 is a chameleon. A single software that blends harmoniously with your daily workflow. It’s an axis for inbound and outbound communication to meaningfully connect people to a needed action.

Keeping up with Community

Workplaces are now “workspaces” with digital communities driving daily work and communication. TECI2 makes this easy.

Robust Reporting and Tracking

TECI2 makes reporting metrics easy. Identify successes within outreach campaigns and track outcomes.

Do More with Less
The Power of Possibility

Software check? You’re using what, 10 or 12 systems that do tons of different things daily? You’ve programmed the links and the passwords into your computer or you’d never get any actual work done, right? Still, you’re switching back and forth throughout the day and that’s a time-waster.

TECI2 does more than aggregate and improve existing software. More than integration, TECI2 connects people to communities and those communities to the services and information they need to thrive. At its its core, TECI2 is a switchboard on steroids that allows you to build and fully control digital spaces to attract people, help them find a sense of belonging, and then connect them to campaigns designed to improve their lives. That might be by connecting a group of young mothers together, and then informing them all of an upcoming opportunity for their kids. Or it could be building a private community of ex-offenders and then connecting them to employers who value their skills over their past.

TECI2 is a powerful tool with the ability to improve workflow, but more importantly to create measurable impact within the departments and communities you need to reach.

Workforce Development

Utilize our quiz and poll features for employee and prospect engagement.

Robust Tracking and Monitoring

Take advantage of TECIs thought innovation and track customizable metrics.

Secure & Diverse Communication

Internal, External, to customers, clients, or applicants, we take corporate communication to a new level.

TECI2: your partners for a new era of connection, efficiency and productivity!

TECI2’s omnichannel dashboard provides your organization with tools and integrations that are vital in the world of digital business. Use our native suite of functions and integrate your favorite 3rd party applications, to manage your business in one place.

Partners for the Possible