Why Us?

for the Possible

No one understands the complexity of workforce development and communication in a digital environment like the parties who came together to form TECI2.  Jonah Cooper Jr LLC and Talent Circles, Inc. have long served the talent and workforce needs of America’s top organizations.

Their joint mission is now an evolution that marries inclusion, diversity, community to connection and opportunity.


We embrace people where they are and create spaces where they feel safe and connected to people and ideas.


Our history on both sides of the partnership is to serve the people who are often underrepresented.


TECI2 allows users to participate in spaces where they feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


TECI2 may be the only software that humanizes digital experiences creating positive outcomes.


Each new community creates a springboard for its participants to learn about new opportunities.


By providing internal and external communication channels with robust connectivity between all avenues.

Partners for the Possible